Ruby Ruth Dolls - The Most Fun Little Creatures To Photograph Ever!


I had the absolute pleasure this month of photographing for Ruby Ruth Dolls for the first time.

I originally met Ruby Ruth Dolls owner Jenny when I moved into the studio next to hers in Rodhus Brighton a couple of years ago with my business Little Deer. Jenny’s playful and colourful style has always intrigued me so when she made contact this year to work together I was thrilled.


Jenny came to my photography studio to drop off the dolls and introduce me to each one. I met Burt and Ron - a couple who met in a conga line (genius!), Jasper (my personal fave!) who is the strong and silent type and Rita, who believes in love at first sight.

I created a number of set up’s featuring the dolls (see above) and a couple of stop motion animations designed to be featured on the Ruby Ruth Dolls Instagram Stories.

If you want to see more Ruby Ruth Dolls head to

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