My Story


Hello, I’m Jade.

I’m not from a corporate background, my roots are much more creative and experimental and I'm incredibly passionate about working with small businesses (having sold my own retail business, Little Deer, in 2019). 


I think the internet is a brilliant gateway to thousands of potential customers, contacts and friends you wouldn't otherwise meet. The world is your oyster! 

I opened my first business, Little Deer while I was at University studying Design: Photography. I had spent years working for other small brands and I wanted a slice of that incredible sense of ownership that comes with running your own business. 

Little Deer began as an online vintage clothing shop (quite different to what it has become today!) I trawled my local charity shops and then snuck into our photography studio at the University and snapped some model shots and within a few weeks I had my first website up and running. 

 It was hard work. It was really, really hard work... but after about 7 years of dedication and regularly working late into the night Little Deer had evolved into a homeware shop, I had employed 4 members of staff and we were working from our very own studio in Brighton and also a workshop in Lewes.

In 2018 I started offering my photography services to other small businesses. Originally I did this to help out some friends but I soon realised that it’s something I enjoy so much.

At the beginning of 2019 I made the difficult decision to sell my business, Little Deer because running both Little Deer and a Photography Business at the same time was proving difficult, there weren’t enough hours in the day!

So now here we are, I am a full time product photographer working with independent businesses and makers. Due to my background I understand what it means to run a small business and I believe this helps me communicate better with my clients and provide you with exactly what you need.


How can I Help you?

I absolutely love being a product photographer because it allows me to work with other incredibly talented designers, makers and independent retailers from all over the world.

The photography skills I built at University and during my time as a business owner enable me to capture my clients beautiful items in a refreshing way that is also in-keeping with each individual brand style.

Working on location and also from my private studio in Brighton, I offer product styling, photography and content creation for independent small businesses. 


I am here to work with you and create beautiful imagery that reflects the core of your brand.


Having a strong set of photographs to represent your product or business is so important. Imagine walking into a high street store, the products in this shop are beautiful but they are not merchandised at all…strewn all over the floor and on top of one another. Would you purchase? I’m guessing not. Having a beautiful product in your online shop but photography that isn’t equally amazing is the online equivalent of that.

One high quality product shot can help you sell hundreds, thousands, millions of your product.

We will work together before the shoot on mood boards to enable me to create photos which are new and refreshing but in-keeping with your own brand style. Simply post your products to my studio, I’ll take care of the rest and return your pieces once the shoot is done!