Instagram Coaching


Iā€™m not from a corporate background, my roots are much more creative and experimental. I'm a photographer (BA Hons Design:Photography), a business owner and I'm incredibly passionate about working with other small businesses. I think the internet is a brilliant gateway to thousands of potential customers, contacts and friends you wouldn't otherwise meet. The world is your oyster! 

During my three level Instagram course for small businesses you will learn a wide variety of skills from the basics, to creating authentic, beautiful and engaging content, to growing your audience. These are skills I have learnt over the 8 years I have been using Instagram for business, tried and tested on my own account. 

Screen shot from Little Deer Analytics

Screen shot from Little Deer Analytics

Screen shot from Little Deer Analytics

Screen shot from Little Deer Analytics


I have found instagram an invaluable channel to bring customers to the Little Deer Web Shop and this traffic is growing and growing. Instagram is the third most successful channel at bringing customers to Little Deer (after direct hits and google) and on average over 2,800 Instagram users a month click through to our web shop from our instagram bio. 

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The potential of Instagram for business is so exciting, lets work together to create an authentic Instagram page that encourages engagement, shows off your personality and in turn - grows your following.


Awarded 'Most Influential Instagrammer' in the 2018 Trouva Boutique Awards


Three Level Instagram Coaching

You just need a laptop or phone with camera to sign up for my three level instagram coaching. I will contact you before each session to arrnage a time and date that suits us both. I take appointments Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm